Jagan Reddy

Chairman & CEO

Welcome to JR farmers Producer Company Limited


J RFarmers Producer Company Limited Incorporated on 20th Aug 2020. Our Organisation has exceeded its own set goals time and again by implementing appropriate schemes to address various social issues related farmers and our organisation has certified by ISO 9001-2015.JRFPCL gives first priorities to local participation in developmental activities it looked like an impossible task when farmer producer companies were being formed and rum in Telangana state, but with our experience and field presence, our organization is running 06 FPc’s in Telangana state which were supported by NABARD Consultancy services Pvt. Ltd under Central sector Scheme. Our organisation planning to start women Farmer societies/FPO/FPC’s in Telangana state because women’s partnership is very vital role for development,with an aim to increasing women’s income levels.


To increase the levels of income and raise the standards of living for community, especially those belonging to deprived and marginalized sectors, through sustained functional interventions in development programs with special emphasis on farming, Natural Resource management ,livelihood and agrivalue chain.

  • Enhancing production through Natural Resource Management without Disturbing ecological balance.
  • Empowerment of farmers though collectives.
  • Participating activities to improve income levels of small and marginal farmers.
  • Supporting generation of sustainable livelihood activities to increase family income.
  • Transfer of technology lab to land and imparting training, for taking up profitable Non-chemical agriculture.


25 Years Agricul Farm Traditions




Our goal to achieve Organic Agriculture Farming in India as it is growing sector in India. Organic production offers clean and green production methods without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides and it achieves a premium price at global level.